Stand-alone & mobile power systems

NiMH battery packs


Complex battery packs for industrial purpose, are available in different voltages and capacities and cell sizes. The packs are manufactured as so called "soft-packs" and they are complete with safety circuits and connectors. 

We make the design together with our customer and get it manufactured directly at the battery factory. By using this practice, the cost is kept down on a very competitive level. 


Also simpler variants of soft packs are accepted, and precise according to same precedure.

We are cooperating with 2 high qualified battery manufacturers in Far East, and one of the big advantages for both of factories is that low volume quantities are welcome. 


Lithium Ion medium power packs


To save weight, size and obtain long cycle life, we can make replacement batteries or design new battery configurations for old or new projects where battery back-up power is required.

We use Lithium Ion LiFePO4 or Lithium Ion Polymer technologies, depending on customer specifications. All battery packs are included BMS systems to protect the single cells in charge and discharge mode. The lithium Ion batteries are very safe to use.

  • round cells or prismatic cells
  • no memory effect
  • low weight
  • single cell capacities from 1100mAh to 50A
  • life cycles for LiFePO4 ≥1500 
  • high discharge rate, up to 5C
  • for use in e.g. power tools, battery back-up systems, EV's, mobile telecom remote stations and other industrial installations. 
  • complete "green" and environmentally friendly
  • Example of 12V/7Ah Lithium Ion battery for replacing a Lead acid 12V/7A. 



Lithium Ion low power packs


The Lithium Ion Polymer single cell packs are available in more than 300 different standard versions. All packs are as standard equiped with BMS circuits for protection of the cell in charge and discharge mode.

If a higher voltage or capacity is required, we can make customized packs at the factory to fulfil your requirements for power back-up. 

  • pack assembling available at battery manufacturer
  • single cell capacities from 35mAh to 4500mAh
  • packs can as option be delivered with NTC resistor and connectors.


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