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The LiFePO4 is the unique 100% safety lithium ion battery in the World. Under the abusement test even on 500°C high temperature, the LiFePO4 never explode or smoke or catch fire. This lithium technology is evironmentally friendly and without any heavy metal, rare metal and toxic. The life cycle is >2000 at 80%DOD, and the weight as low as 1/3 of Lead Acid.

The high energy LiFePO4 cells are available from 10Ah to 200Ah. The single cells can be connected i serial and parallel together with a BMS system, to obtain the right battery bank size. 





NEW ! 

Round cells with screw terminals, and available from 8Ah to 16Ah. Used in vehicles and power back-up systems where extreme high current drain (up to 10C) is required.

Cells are build together and fixed by speical holders and terminals. 




Industrial Lithium Ion power packs, 2,5kW to 4,5kW, for DC stand-alone systems or as power back-up for UPS systems and DC switch gear applications. Integrated with BMS balancing and protection systems. The power packs are designed for fast re-charge, means the packs can be recharged within 1,5~2h.

No pollution, no rare metal and toxics. Can be 100% discharged, and recharged to 100% even not being re-charged immediately after deep cycle discharge. Wide operating temperatures, from -20°C to +70°C. This new technology replace Lead Acid, NiCd (nickel-cadmium) and NiMH (nickel-metalhydrid) batteries


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Our latest 2kW developing, Compact Line seria, with Lithium Ion LiFePO4 technology. For use in remote ares where environment is a harsh. Consist battery monitoring system.


Can be used together with the sine inverter system, also for special environment. The sine inverter system include a solar controller system and external AC charger. The kit is developed for 2kW solar camp power. 

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Lithium Ion batteries can be implemented in existing wheelchair battery boxes, or the battery box can be designed exactly to specific LiFePO4 battery pack. Because the Lithium Ion cells are hermetically sealed, they can be assembled in a configuration that match into the design of e.g. a new electric wheelchair.

The net weight of Lithium Ion battery is only 1/3 of a lead acid battery and driving lenght of wheelchair is much much longer, than compared with lead acid.

See data sheet 24V-20Ah LiFePO4


Wheelchair battery boxes made of steel, can be reduced enormous in weight by installing high energy Lithium Ion battery cells.

If you are thinking about a new design of battery box or a new wheelchair design, we can help you with a battery pack solution that will optimize your requirements for physical size, weight, driving lenght and life time of complete system. 

See data sheet 24V-40Ah LiFePO4


 EV_battery.jpg It's obvious that electric wheelchairs shall be implemented with the environmentally friendly LiFePO4 battery packs. It will reduce the battery weight with even more than 65% and extend the battery life time considerably compared with Lead Acid.  wheelchair 2.jpg escooter_1.jpg 
In many  recreational areas there is a demand for using electrical propulsion systems when transporting passengers. The key-issues here are plenty of power and low weight. LiFePO4 lithium cells fulfil that requirement.   GOLF_CART_3_edited-1.jpg P8110174[1]_2.jpg 


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