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Lithium Ion LiFePO4 starter batteries


High power Lithium Ion starter batteries are now available in standard battery box design. All equiped with LiFePO4 technology and high power BMS protection system.

By using Lithium technology instead of Lead Acid in cranking applications, it's possible to reduce the weight with 50% and get a life time of more than 10 years. The high energy density in Lithium, will make a very high CCA performance.

This new battery system opens up a complete new World for the car industry and for the replacement marked for lead acid starter batteries.  

  • 12V/20Ah Lithium will replace Lead Acid 12V/36~48Ah
  • 12V/30Ah Lithium will replace Lead Acid 12V/50~60Ah
  • 12V/40Ah Lithium will replace Lead Acid 12V/65~80Ah
  • 12V/60Ah Lithium will replace Lead Acid 12V/100Ah


  • Example of 12V/60Ah Lithium Ion. Weight: only 12,4kg 

Comparred with a Lead Acid AGM 12V/100Ah - weight 32kg !


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