Stand-alone & mobile power systems

In 2010 we started a more close cooperation with boat builder, S.Construcao Naval Lda., in Portugal. Now we can offer complete solar boats with our E-Drive systems and battery systems.


The boats are typically used on inland water ways, lakes and near coast sailing as ferries or tourist sightseeing boats. The growth in demands of electrical driven boats World wide, is caused by peoples change of attitude to protect e.g. recreational areas around the Globe. So, in future we believe it's getting more and more illegal to use diesel and gasoline propulsion systems on leisure boats in these areas. 



 CO2 = 0

All our E-Drive systems are free of any pollution !


We can offer 9 to 15 persons solar boats, closed or open versions.

For more information about boat data, please contact us by phone +45 2926 0199 or e-mail  

 Solar_boat_9.jpgOur 9 persons solar boat has also sail installed as an option, and the boat will always be mounted with a flexibel  sunshader to protect the passengers against strong sunlight.   




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