Stand-alone & mobile power systems



The solar modules are designed and tested specifically for use in marine and salt water. The modules are completely maintenancefree, durable, and weatherproof.

Even under extreme exposure to UV rays whether in Caribbean, Mediterranean or the North Sea, these solar modules are always a reliable partner. The modules can be glued flush to the deck with a curving up to 3%. Only 3mm in height and only 15mm at the cable outlet.

The modules can be walked on with boat shoes, and to reduce the risk of slipping in wet conditions, the module surface is slightly structured.

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A new design in portable solar modules are available in nom voltage 12V to 48V and from 10Wp to 300Wp. Can be used in remote areas, for camping, travels, exploration or other outdoors performance.

  • High-efficiency mono crystalline modules  
  • Equipped with handbag
  • Equipped with controllers, wires, clips and brackets.
  • Included supporting legs and protection corners.
    Example of single module with high-efficiency solar energy components.




The photovoltaic modules are composed of high efficiency (14%) monocrystaline or policrystalline solar cells, with antireflecting coating. These modules are in fact made of solar cellsencapsulated between sheets of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), highly transparent, antishock, 4mm tempered glass which protects the module against mechanical and climatic effects, such as hail, ice ect... The particular texturization of the glass enables a maximum concentration and diffusion of the light on the solar cells. The white tedlar back sheet contributes to a further protection of the module and the electrical contacts against the action of climatic agents like humidity.

  • Certification: TÜV
  • Power Warranty: 90% 12 years, 80% 25 years.
 Solar Greenland.jpg
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Small and high-quality charge regulators suitable for use in 12V and 24V solar systems. The regulator concept is based on a powerful microcontroller that has proven to be valuable in an industrial environment on more than one occasion due to its particular reliability.

  • flush or wall mount 
  • high-quality LCD display
  • soft touch easy-to-use keyboard
  • 1 or 2 battery connections, + 1 consumer connection
  • deep discharge protection
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The MPPT (maximum power point tracking system) solar controllers secure that the solar modules always operate with optimized efficiancy. Can charge 12V, 24V or 48V battery banks. Max. input solar voltage is 150V.

  • industrial models: 1kW, 1,5kW, 2kW and 2,5kW
  • protection class: IP55
  • LED indication. LCD as option.
  • deep discharge protection
  • battery management system   
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